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Rules and Statutes



While we have taken care with the accuracy of the files accessible here, they are not "official" state rules in the sense that they can be used before a court. Anyone who needs a certified copy of a rule chapter should contact the APA Office (Maine Administrative Procedure Act).

The rules are available for viewing by clicking on the appropriate links listed below.

Ch. 1 Physicians

Ch. 2 Physician Assistants

Ch. 4 Rules for the Issuance of Citations

Ch. 10 Sexual Misconduct (Note: Chapter 10 is a joint rule with 02-383, Board of Osteopathic Licensure.)

Ch. 21 Use of Controlled Substances for Treatment of Pain



The publications of the Maine State Legislature are made available on the Internet as a public service and reliance on any such information is at the user's own risk. The State of Maine, its agencies, officers and employees do not warrant the accuracy, reliability, completeness or timeliness of any information on the Maine State Legislature's web site and may not be held liable for any losses caused by any person's reliance on the information available on this web site. All copyrights and other rights to statutory text are reserved by the State of Maine. The text included in this publication is current to the end of the First Regular Session of the 119th Legislature (prior to January 1, 2000), but is subject to change without notice. It is a ersion that has not been officially certified by the Secretary of State. Refer to the Maine Revised Statutes Annotated and supplements for certified text.

The governing statues for the Board of medicine are found in the following locations.This is not a complete listing of Statutes. If you have any questions regarding this material, please contact us at (207) 287-3601.

Administrative Procedures Act 5 M.R.S.A. SECTION 8001-10,005

Board of Licensure in Medicine 32 M.R.S.A. 3263 - 3300

Complaint Investigation - Issuance of subpoenas 10 M.R.S.A. Section 8003-A

Counseling for HIV Tests 5 M.R.S.A. SECTION 19204-A

Department of Professional & Financial Regulations Statutes 10 M.R.S.A. Section 8001-8008

Good Samaritan Law Immunity from civil liability

Letters of Guidance 10 M.R.S.A. § 8003(5)(E) - point your browser at this link and scroll down to section 5, E.

License Disqualification on the Basis of Criminal Record 5 M.R.S.A. Chapter 341, Section(s) 5301 – 5304

Maine Health Security Act 24 M.R.S.A. Section 2501-2511

Medical Records (patient access and fees) 22 M.R.S.A. Section 1711

Medical Use of Marijuana 22 MRSA Section 2383-B 5

Occupational License Disqualification on Basis of Criminal Record 5 M.R.S.A. Section 5301-5304

Registration of Deaths 22 M.R.S.A. Section 2842

§ 1711-A. Fees charged for records (CONTAINS TEXT WITH VARYING EFFECTIVE DATES)

§ 1711-B. Patient access to treatment records; health care practitioners (CONTAINS TEXT WITH VARYING EFFECTIVE DATES)

§ 1711-C. Confidentiality of health care information (CONTAINS TEXT WITH VARYING EFFECTIVE DATES)

§3270 Licensure Required

§ 3270-B. License and regulation

§ 3282-A. Disciplinary sanctions ( including grounds for discipline)