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About Licensure

"Ensuring that all practicing physicians have an appropriate level of education and training."

Since 1895, it has been Maine law that a physician must be licensed to practice medicine in our state. Through licensure, the state insures that all practicing physicians have an appropriate level of education and training and that they abide by recognized standards of professional conduct while serving their patients.

If the physician studied allopathic medicine and holds the M.D. degree, the license is issued by the Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine. If the physician received his medical education from a school of osteopathic medicine and holds the D.O. degree, that license is issued by the Maine Board of Osteopathic Licensure. Both Boards also determine the qualifications and regulate the practice of Physician Assistants extending the practice of licensed physicians. Both licensing Boards function similarly and both uphold the highest standards of professional practice.

The Maine Medical Practice Act specifies the education, training and examinations an applicant must be found by the Board to have before he or she may be licensed to practice medicine in Maine. Applicants are also required to have passed a Maine state examination. The examination review materials can be seen by clicking here and we encourage you to review them prior to taking the test. Before the Board approves an application for licensure, a thorough background investigation of the applicant is done to verify the education and training claimed by the applicant and to verify that the applicant is of good professional reputation and standing.

Once a license has been granted, it must periodically be renewed. In order to have their licenses renewed by the Board, physicians are required to demonstrate that they have participated in a program of continuing medical education and that they have maintained acceptable standards of ethics and medical practice, and have not engaged in conduct which is specified in the applicable Practice Act as a ground for license discipline.